About Us

We are focused on safeguards related to infrastructure development, sustainability, inclusive social and economic development in developing countries of Africa and Asia, experiencing renewed focus on ensuring compliance and inclusiveness while aiming at overall development and achieving the SDG’s objectives.

As a company at we provide customized services while paving the pathway for social wellbeing, environmental sustainability, realistic development plans and institutional capacity building. 

Our Core Values

Continent Focus

Strong local presence

Africa and Asia, including Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Botswana, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, South Sudan, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia,

Experienced Advisors

vast experience in Africa and Asia, including India, Nepal, Vietnam, Cambodia, and other countries, bringing extensive regional knowledge and expertise

Development Solutions

development solutions to governments, ministries, private sector clients, and funding agencies with a specific emphasis on reshaping and development

Specialization in Key Sectors

social and environmental safeguards, education planning, public health, community health, livelihoods, governance, e-governance, and development planning

Local Contexts

Understanding of local contexts, challenges, and opportunities in local countries, enabling tailored solutions that address specific needs and priorities


Collaboration with governments and ministries to support policy formulation, implementation, and monitoring in alignment with development goals.

Private Sector

Working with the private sector to drive sustainable business practices, promote corporate social responsibility, and create positive social and environmental impacts.

Partnering with Agencies

Partnering with funding agencies to design and implement impactful projects and programs that advance development objectives in Africa.

Holliostic Approach

Applying a holistic approach to reshaping the future of the continent, emphasizing inclusive growth, sustainable development, and community empowerment.

Approaching Studies and Assessments

Needs Assessment

Conducting thorough assessments to understand the specific needs and challenges of the community across various sectors.

Project Design

Developing tailored development projects and programs that address the identified needs and align with the community's aspirations.

Stakeholder Engagement

Collaborating with local stakeholders, community members, government agencies, NGOs, and relevant organizations, to ensure their active involvement and ownership

Capacity Building

Providing technical expertise and training to enhance the capacity of local institutions, organizations, and individuals involved in community development efforts.

Sustainable Solutions

Designing and implementing sustainable solutions that prioritize social and environmental safeguards, ensuring the long-term well-being of the community.

Policy Advocacy

Advocating for policies and practices that promote community health, education, livelihoods, and good governance, and working towards their integration into broader development plans.

Technology Integration

Promoting the adoption of e-governance systems and technologies to improve the efficiency, transparency, and accessibility of public services.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Establishing robust monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to track the progress and impact of development interventions, making data-driven adjustments as necessary.

Knowledge Sharing

Facilitating the exchange of knowledge and best practices among communities, organizations, and relevant stakeholders to foster learning and innovation.

Community Empowerment

Empowering communities through education, awareness campaigns, and participatory decision-making processes to build their capacity for self-governance and sustainable development.

Local Participation

Commitment to fostering local ownership and participation in development initiatives, ensuring long-term sustainability and impact.

Leveraging Expertise

Leveraging expertise, local presence, and extensive regional experience to contribute to the overall socio-economic transformation of local countries.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The company collaborates with diverse partners, including government agencies, NGOs, community-based organizations, and civil society, to leverage collective strengths and ensure a more inclusive approach to development. We are advocates for policies and practices that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in development processes, aiming to create systemic change and foster sustainable and equitable growth. We believe in actively sharing knowledge and best practices related to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the development field, contributing to broader learning and awareness in the industry.

We subscribe to the following:

Thriving on Diversity We embrace and celebrate diversity, recognizing it as a valuable resource for development and growth
Inclusive Workforce We foster a diverse and inclusive workforce by recruiting and retaining talent from different backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives.
Equal Opportunity We ensure equal opportunity for all employees, providing a supportive and inclusive work environment that values and respect individuals regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, religion, or other dimensions of diversity.

Customized solutions

We embrace the opportunity to customize products around the business needs. Our core competencies and refined customization process allows us to meet individual requirements in a very focused way.

ESG Compliance

Must & Just Group provide services to adhere to Environmental, Social, and Governance principles and standards. It involves integrating these factors into business operations and decision-making processes to ensure responsible and sustainable practices. We provide high quality services and solutions for the following: