For sustaining humanity environmental sustainability is must and society ought to be just

– consultancy support for environmental sustainability, just & inclusive societies, and development planning

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Social Development & Advisory

customized solutions for social safeguards across sectors, education sector - enhanced accessibility and employability, participatory planning & stakeholder engagement, gender mainstreaming, industrial development, health- communicable and non-communicable diseases, mental health and well-being, micro-finance, and small & medium enterprises

Environmental Services & Advisory

safeguards, climate change and resilient societies, vulnerability assessments and mapping, waste management, biodiversity conservation and management, environmental health and safety compliance, reduction of carbon footprints, environmental licensing and compliance, water resource development and management


team of professionals and experts from East Africa, Central and Southern Africa, with rich experience in West Africa and Asia. Our experts have successfully ensured environmental, social, and health compliance for numerous infrastructure projects across Africa and South Asia. We offer a wide range of specialized services and expertise, making us the ideal partner for your project needs.

Development Planning for Well Being

green urban space, access to urban utilities and infrastructure, affordable urban space, social and economic well-being, integrating production; socio-economic and financial assessment feasibility, infrastructure and mining- social and environmental support services; change management advisory​​

E-Governance services

enhancing administrative efficiency, transparency and citizen engagement, enable different sectors of development, monitoring and evaluation and course correction wherever necessary. Major focus areas covered include education management system, road safety, healthcare information and management system, agriculture and rural development, employment and labour services

Presence & Experience

extensive experience in meaningfully contributing to social and environmental safeguards, gender equality, institutional capacity building and change management, public health, community health, corporate governance, and e-governance. We are fully abreast with national legislations and policies as well as global best practices, economic and social development status, local needs, and tailored solutions


“To offer high quality consultancy services in social and environmental safeguards, inclusive development, focused planning and governance, ensuring sustainability.”


“We envision contributing to a sustainable and developed world being achieved through customized solutions cutting across various sectors of development, focusing on developing countries.”

What makes us the right choice?

We provide customized services while paving the pathway for social wellbeing, environmental sustainability, realistic development plans and institutional capacity building, cutting across sectors and geographical domains. We aim at providing services based on the experiences gathered from developing countries across the globe.

We have a futuristic vision for our clients for making a difference to strengthening societies with well-being and inclusiveness with one stop shop and customized solutions focusing on environmental and social safeguards associated with infrastructure projects, social development related to enhancing economic development and inclusiveness, resilience to climate change, enhancing access to health and education.

Proven Track Record leveraging business growth

Projects covering a wide range of sectors, including roads and transport, water resources, dams, power transmission lines, water supply infrastructure, irrigation, urban development, and urban infrastructure.

Comprehensive Expertise covering full business cycle

Our team encompasses a wide range of expertise, offering a holistic approach to project management and implementation, ensuring compliance and addressing all relevant aspects.

Local and Global Experience

Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, Zambia, Botswana, Swaziland, Rwanda, South Sudan, Mozambique, Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Morocco, Nepal, India, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Tajikistan

Timebound and quality services: practical approach

We understand the importance of considering local realities, engaging stakeholders, and delivering sustainable outcomes. Our solutions are pragmatic, innovative, and built on strong partnerships with communities and relevant stakeholders.

Have a Project in mind?

"We can help develop concepts and realize these into reality. We will be your representative on the ground with human resources and logistics, providing basic information and analysis to decide on the commercial viability, taking up a new project, completing on-going projects, undertaking surveys and assessments, facilitating meetings, training and workshops."

Customized solutions

We embrace the opportunity to customize products around the business needs. Our core competencies and refined customization process allows us to meet individual requirements in a very focused way.

Your Trusted Partners

Highly Motivated Team with Innovative Ideas

We have a pool of advisors with Masters and Ph.D. in the relevant fields with 15-20 years of experience in Asia and Africa accredited to national level bodies

The collective expertise of the company’s professionals spans over 300 years and 40 countries worldwide